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Sonicare Essence electric toothbrushes stroke the bristles in a unique, dynamic cleaning action that helps sweep away any plaque between the teeth and even the gumline. These advanced toothbrushes remove two times more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, promising better dental care every day. They have an angled head to help it reach the back teeth properly. They also have soft, easy-to-grip handles that make brushing convenient. The toothbrush also makes it easy for you to switch to the brushing habit by gradually increasing the brushing power over 12 days. So, why not buy a Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush today? Browse our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore to shop now.

The Sonicare Essense experience

The patented sonic technology infused in the Sonicare Essence toothbrushes helps it remove 2 times the number of plaque than your manual brush. Their unique dynamic action drives water between the teeth and along the gumline to process a deep cleaning. Philips Sonicare Essence electric toothbrushes also come with a two-minute timer that keeps you engaged for the perfect two minutes of brushing, recommended by dentists. The clinically proven safe and gentle cleaning of the Essence toothbrush helps you remove stains and flaunt a brighter smile day after day. That's the Sonicare Essence and the Sonicare Essence experience!

Dynamic cleaning for a superior dental health

Philips Sonicare Essence electric toothbrushes have angled brush heads attached to the handles. How does it help? These brush heads conveniently reach the back teeth, helping you remove the plaque accumulated there with ease. The Essence also provides soft grips that are not only comfortable but deliver better control over the toothbrushes. Sonicare Essence electric toothbrushes' dynamic cleaning actions and comfortable and intuitive design will guide you to superior dental health. Shop now!