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The Remington shaver accessories category on our site features products that will help extend the live of your favorite model shaver. Remington accessories, such as clean shaver lubrication, universal charging stands, cleaning solution and more. Face saver power will help you achieve a closer more comfortable shave.

Shaver Accessories

Remington shaver accessories section features Remington universal charging stand with shaver storage pouch is for Flex men's shaver models R3130, R4100, R4130, R5130, R6130 and R7130. The shaver saver is the aerosol cleaner lube for all brands of electric shavers. With its regular use, the shaver saver will keep your device running at peak performance and prevent premature wear and tear. Our site also carries Remington pre-shave talc stick, which is a great way to enhance shaving comfort and closeness. The face saver can be used with all brands of electric shavers.