Magellan Factory Serviced GPS Systems

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Our site offers a wide range of Factory Serviced Magellan GPS Systems including the Maestro, RoadMate and Triton Series. Magellan GPS systems feature QVGA color anti-glare touch screens, which allow for easy viewing even under intense sunlight.

Factory Serviced GPS Systems

Designed with simplicity, efficiency and reliability in mind, Magellan GPS systems are great for first time GPS users. The Magellan Factory Serviced GPS systems featured on our site are re-inspected, test and packaged for resale. A qualified service team runs through the system from top to bottom, making sure all of the great Magellan features are working like new. These Factory Serviced Magellan navigation systems can be viewed as test drive models. Find out what system best suits your needs and learn how to navigate it at a discounted price. Each Magellan Factory Serviced GPS product comes with a 90-day limited warranty.