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Braun Series 5 shavers provide close and clean shaving performance with their three flexible blades. These men's electric shavers provide an effortlessly close and easy shave, even in tricky areas. They also come with trimer attachments that help you trim and style your mustache and sideburns easily. Series 6 electric shavers are waterproof, making shaving convenient even in the shower or dry. They also have a powerful Lithium-ion battery to power its performance for about three weeks on a single charge. Check out our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore, where you can buy Braun Series 5 electric shavers online right now.

Effortlessly close, clean, and easy shave

Everyone loves a clean and close shave. And what's better than an effortless shaving routine? Braun Series 5 shavers promise you an effortless and smooth shave with the help of its easy grip, slim body, and three flexible blades. These blades adapt to your facial contours and shave even the tricky, hard-to-shave areas. Its ergonomic design makes the use even simple, letting you shave effortlessly in a simple, one-way movement.

Engineered for a promising shaving performance

Braun Series 5 shavers utilize a long-lasting Li-ion battery that helps you enjoy its effortlessly close shave. For a shave, the electric shaver needs only five minutes of quick charge. Full charging will provide enough power for three weeks of shaving. These electric shavers are also waterproof. They are suitable for dry shaving and shave with foam, gel, and in the shower. With the trimmer attachments, the Series 5 shavers also help you trim your mustache and sideburn to help you have a complete grooming tool. Shop Braun Series 5 electric shavers for men today and get your all-in-one grooming solution ready for your daily routine.