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The TomTom ONE GPS systems feature a compact, portable design with touchscreen color LCD display for a crystal clear view. TomTom GPS systems feature MapShare™ technology that improves your overall navigation experience, letting you make instant corrections to your map directly on your TomTom car GPS.


Browse through the exciting range of TomTom One portable GPS systems. The TomTom portable, car GPS system features the MapShare™ technology that allows the user to add map corrections and points of interest. Various TomTom One GPS system models feature the high sensitivity SiRF Star III GPS chipset that delivers high sensitivity for better locking of satellite signals in low signal areas. The crystal-clear LCD display makes it easy to view maps, routes, driving directions and other traveling information, such as mileage and distance. Several TomTom GPS receivers are RDS-TMC traffic receiver compatible, so they receive automatic traffic updates via the TMC connection. This feature gives the driver the option to choose an alternate route to avoid mishaps.