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Braun Oral-B Pro-Health Series

Braun Oral-B Pro-Health series toothbrushes come with special unique features like different cleaning modes, brush timers, whitening polishers, gum massagers and pressure sensors, amongst many other capabilities. The Pro-Health series toothbrushes provide you with superb cleaning and plaque removal functions which normal brushes cannot give. Tight spaces are the uncomplicated places for plaque to build up and the toughest to clean, as straight bristles toothbrushes struggle to reach them, however Pro-Health crisscross bristles attack plaque from the perfect 16 degree optimal angle, cleaning better than straight ones. The battery-powered toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Health precision clean uses a rotating power head with crisscross bristles for more cleaning action in every single stroke. As the Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrushes work with an oscillation movement, they have the ability to remove much more plaque and efficiently decrease the problem of gingivitis to a great extent. Oral Pro-Health also features soft Micropulse bristles that vibrate between the teeth, breaking up plaque. The Braun Pro-Health precision clean toothbrush features Prosoft bristles that kindly cleans teeth and stimulates gums. Oral-B Pr-Health series toothbrushes also assist in removing odor-causing germs from the tongue, and also remove surface stains and polishes teeth. Braun Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrushes are also featured with an ultra-thin handle and rubberized grip that gives you greater command and relief. Braun toothbrushes have always helped in improving user’s dental health.