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Humminbird Transducers

The cutting edge Humminbird transducers are mounted in the water, either on the transom, on the trolling motor or inside the hull. The trolling motor transducer with temperature sensors allow the fishfinder to display information from either the transom or the trolling motor, and are designed to mount on the body of most trolling. The transom mount are designed to protect both the boat and the transducer. Some Humminbird puck transducers have built-in temperature sensor for measuring water temperature. Humminbird transducers are compatible with many of Hummingbird’s sonar systems. Some dual beam plastic thru-hull transducers work efficiently with thinner hulls whereas internal, steel sleeve gives additional reinforcement. The much appreciated ice-ducers have revolutionized the way anglers use sonar for ice fishing. The ice ducers perform extremely well in all weather conditions. The portable Humminbird transducer units are capable of mounting on the transom or side of almost any smooth surface wood, aluminum or fiberglass boat. Users can access the most advanced capabilities of the fishing systems with the use of Humminbird transducers.