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Braun electric shavers are among the best in the market, delivering a remarkable shave every time. These foil shavers utilize innovative technologies with sensitive foils and flexible shaver heads to give a close, smooth performance. And what's even better? Braun also provides Cleaning stations to ensure its upkeeping. Braun electric shavers with cleaning stations help you keep the shavers clean, lubricated, charged, and dried, ready for reuse. Check out our category on FactoryOutletStore to buy Braun Shavers with Cleaning Stations online right now.

Maintaining your shaver's hygiene is vital to your comfort

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of our electric shavers is sometimes tiring. Braun shavers are suitable for use wet with foam, gel, in the shower, or even dry. Both the shaving routines involve a loss of cleanliness of the shaver foils and blades. Since we use the shavers in close contact with our facial skin, an unhygienic shaver head may cause irritation, redness, and other issues. To dodge these problems, Braun provides Clean & Charge Stations with its advanced electric shaver models. These cleaning stations make the maintenance of the shaver quite simple, doing all of it by itself.

Renewing your Braun shaver's performance

All electric shavers have moving parts in the form of foils and blades. These moving parts need regular lubrication for a seamless performance. Without lubrication, the friction between these moving parts can build up heat, resulting in wear and tear of the blades. Braun shavers with cleaning systems keep that covered. Braun Clean & Charge Stations lubricates the shavers, making them perform like a new one. When you take the shaver out of the cleaning station, you can see a brand new shaver with both its hygiene and performance restored. So, that's what Braun shavers with cleaning stations can do - renew your shaver. Shop now!