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Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrushes provide deep cleaning and even give out progress reports to guide you to better dental health. These electric toothbrushes help you have healthier gums and whiter teeth and maintain a healthy oral-care routine. Their premium flexible brush heads combined with the advanced sonic technology deliver a deep cleaning, even between the teeth. Pressure sensors alert you if you are brushing too harshly. Even better, there are variable brushing modes and intensities that let you have a personalized brushing experience. Check out our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore, where you can buy Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrushes online right.

An expert way to dental cleaning

Crafted for deep cleaning, the Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrush keeps your dental health maintained like a professional. These toothbrushes come with advanced sonic technology that creates unique sonic sweeping motion of bristles and brush heads. These sweeping motions calibrate, creating gentle microbubbles cleaning deep between our teeth where the bristles can't reach. With the pressure sensors, the electric toothbrush guides you to a proper brushing force, alerting whenever you press too hard. Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrushes also come with three modes and intensities that help you boost or moderate your dental care routine.

Get your dental progress report

Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrushes connect to your smartphones using Bluetooth and utilize the Sonicare App to innovate your brushing experience. Using the app, the toothbrush provides real-time feedback about your brushing techniques, guiding you to improve them. The toothbrush efficiently passes on the data to the app, which generates a personalized progress report. It tracks your brushing time, frequency, pressure, and brush head usage daily and presents you with the report to see how you have improved over time. This progress report is available anywhere, anytime. It also keeps you aware of the brush head's effectiveness, letting you replace them in time.