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Philips Sonicare BreathRx whitening toothpaste removes plaque, neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, and enhances the whitening of teeth. The toothpaste contains a unique blend of zinc and essential oils along with fluoride and stain removal properties. Together, these ingredients help you improve your dental health and get a fresh-feeling mouth throughout the day. The BreathRx whitening toothpaste is the first step of the #1 recommended breath care system. Buy Sonicare BreathRx whitening toothpaste now to launch the breath care system in your dental care routine.

Step 1 of the #1 recommended breath care system

The three steps of the breath care system involve brushing, scraping, and rinsing your mouth daily. Brushing with the Sonicare BreathRx whitening toothpaste helps you eliminate and sweep away the odor-causing plaque. It eliminates the first source of all the dental problems, including bad breath. The next step involves scraping your tongue using the BreathRx tongue cleaner and spray. Finally, the last step requires you to rinse the mouth thoroughly using BreathRx antibacterial mouth rinse.

Protects against cavities and tartar, neutralizes odor!

BreathRx toothpaste neutralizes the odor-causing bacterias at the source and also keeps your teeth secured from cavities. The unique blend of zinc, and thymol and eucalyptus essential oils, also known as Zytex, eliminates bad breath odor instantly. Fluoride, on the other hand, fights and offers protection against cavities and tartars. Stain removal further enhances teeth whitening, giving out better results after every oral-care cycle. Hence, BreathRx toothpaste provides thorough dental cleanup and protection, along with enhanced teeth whitening at the same time. Check out our category on FactoryOutletStore, where you can buy Sonicare BreathRx whitening toothpaste online right now.