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Brushing and flossing help keep the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy by preventing diseases. But what about your tongue? It also needs to be cleaned right. Oral-B tongue scrapers are an easy and quick way to remove the particles on your tongue. It is a small, slightly rounded tool made from plastic or metal that you use to scrape your tongue, removing the accumulated particles. Browse the category to shop for Oral-B tongue scrapers to extract those unwanted germs and particles and promote good dental health.

Tongue scraping helps improve your oral health.

Oral-B tongue scrapers help clean the germs and bacteria on the surface of your tongue, improving its appearance and sensation. Adding the habit of tongue scraping to your brushing routine helps prevent diseases, clean the mouth, and promote good breath. It improves your oral health, while you feel an ultra-fresh and hygienic mouth. A clean tongue also helps avoid bad breath and other dental issues. You must add tongue scrapers to your dental-care closet.

Is tongue scraping beneficial?

Debris, bacteria, and sometimes, even yeast can build up on your tongue if not cleaned regularly. All these can lead to bad breath and harm your dental hygiene and oral health. Using a tongue scraper helps you avoid any of these dental issues. To ensure a healthy mouth, you need to brush regularly, floss your teeth and gum, and clean your tongue too. We have the whole inventory of dental care products from the world's #1 dentist-recommended brand Oral-B. Check out the best electric toothbrushes, flosses, mouth rinses, tongue scrapers, and others right here on FactoryOutletStore.