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Every good kitchen needs good kitchen accessories, and Braun’s fantastic kitchen accessories range is the best on our site. Braun home appliances accessories are truly adjustable parts that can manage every food preparation effortlessly. The kitchen appliances can be customized and enhanced as per the requirements with the help of versatile kitchen accessories. Braun shaver accessories and replacements parts help the razors to work smoothly and add life to them. Braun shaving accessories like the four-way moving head captures and cuts more hair in fewer strokes. The pivoting head switches from side to side, and large foil holes capture more hairs. The two replacement cartridges for Braun's Clean and Charge storage stand includes cleaning fluid and lubrication for those Syncro system electric razors that are associated by the automatic cleaning, charging, and storing stand. The new Braun foil and cutter blocks ensure you are getting a close, quick and smooth shave that you expect from your Braun shaver. Since Braun accessories ensure higher quality you can be rest assured that there won’t be any infection or irritation problems. Braun shaver accessories help you to maintain and enhance the shaving system. In its toothbrush accessories category, Braun offers Oral-B hummingbird power flossers where flossing can be made easier and more organized. It feels relaxed when it vibrates to massage your gums. With the use of Hummingbird flossers your teeth and gums can feel cleaner and fresher. It is enables you to floss with only one hand and reaches between teeth and deep below the gum line to remove plaque. Braun toothbrush accessories are well tested by top oral care specialists. With its useful feature Braun toothbrush accessories help to maintain a bright and healthy smile. Braun delivers you all your home appliances & electronics accessories needs.