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Remington Nose Ear Hair Trimmers remington ne3845a
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Remington NE3845A

Ear, Nose & Detail Trimmer

NE3845A replaces NE3250B

  • Comfort Trim Blade
  • 2 Trimmer Attachments
  • CleanBOOST Technology
  • Waterproof
  • Comb for Eyebrow Hair
  • Battery Operated
  • Ear / Nose / Detail Hair Trimmer

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Remington NE3845A

Ear, Nose & Detail Trimmer
Brand New

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Remington NE3845A Essential Package

Ear, Nose & Detail Trimmer
Brand New
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Package Includes:
  • Trimmer
  • Cleaning Brush

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The Remington Nose and Ear hair trimmer section on our site features all-in-one trimmer, titanium personal trimmer, precision detail trimmer and more. The all-in-one Remington trimmer is the perfect portable, personal care men's grooming tool. The pop-up trimmer offers precise detail styling, touch-up and fine line trimming.

Nose Hair Trimmers

Browse through the precision detail trimmer models with side-oriented blades and a pen-shaped handle for advanced versatility. This design is great for grooming facial hair, nose, ear and neckline. We also carry Remington titanium detail trimmers that feature both a rotary and linear trimmer. The rotary head of the trimmer trims nose and ear hair while the linear head details brows, sideburns and mustache. The Remington trimmer is a much safer option than scissors and won't nick or pull. Featured models are washable and battery operated. Remington nose hair trimmers & ear hair trimmers are ideal men's personal care grooming tools.