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Radios play a vital role in many different fields, and there is considerable variety in what different industries require in terms of functions and features. Discover the KENWOOD solutions right for your organization.


KENWOOD radios provide a multifunctional solution, capable of addressing the various concerns and challenges facing today’s users. Find out how they can be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Knowing that you have the right solution means understanding such issues as the basic differences between NXDN and DMR, which trunking system suits your organization, and the smart way to manage batteries. Look no further than this straightforward guide.

Finding the Optimum System

Selecting the optimal system for your needs, one that will actually enhance business performance, depends in part on the size of the network you envisage and how many radios you need to manage. See which KENWOOD system makes the best sense for you.

Kenwood is one of the leaders of the consumer electronics and communication equipment industry. It is more than five decades old in the US, earning the reputation of bringing timely innovation in the consumer electronics market. The brand is known for its advanced and intuitive two-way radios, connecting communication needs, especially in commercial spaces. Kenwood has played a prominent role in the innovation of radio technology. Consumers trust the brand for its devotion to quality and the performance and value that its products deliver. It is Kenwood's devotion of addressing consumer needs that help it design and develop the best communication systems in the market. Check out FactoryOutletStore's curated category to shop for Kenwood two-way radios and its accessories online right now.

Kenwood Two-Way Radios - Communication for a Pro

Kenwood's communication solutions are ideal for harsh environments. They come in military-grade designs and weatherproofing. Kenwood 2-way radios deliver high performance, sending your voice clearly from you to your colleagues over an extended range. Their advanced features, including wireless cloning, and GPS tracking, add more efficiency to your hands. The accurate transmission expertise of the brand makes sure that all the conversations are highly productive. Kenwood also employs noise-canceling technology to suppress unwanted background noise and deliver excellent audio clarity. The result - more fruitful talks, no repetitions required!

Effective in every way

Efficient communications have no alternatives. Engineers and innovators at Kenwood bring out the best two-way radios for its consumers. Kenwood two-way radios are top-class in performance, range, security, audio clarity, and battery life. They are also cost-effective and easy-to-use. The brand also manufactures headsets to add the convenience of hands-free use of radios. Headsets let you multi-task as you talk, making the use effective in every way. Kenwood enjoys consumer trust when it comes to communication technology. The brand is a trusted supplier of two-way radios in various sectors of the US economy currently, including business and government.