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Where's your trucking adventure going to take you? Maybe the best roads and the most beautiful places - something that you would want to watch later. Rand McNally DashCams help you do it - capture your on-the-trip memories in high-definition picture quality. But, that's not all that a DashCam does! A Rand McNally DashCam is an advanced device that can work like your third eye, adding more situational awareness on the trip. It can render warnings to avoid collisions, alert you when you drift out of the lane, and do much more. It saves the footage with the GPS data, date, and time in case of an unfortunate collision too.

Have you ever wondered how efficient your truck's dashboard can be? What you need is the correct set of devices by, of course, the grand old trucking navigation giant Rand McNally. The advanced Truck GPS, E-log devices, dashcams, all go on your truck's dashboard and make it the most productive part of your cabin. While the GPS helps you navigate, ELDs log your productivity, the Rand McNally is your second pair of eyes. It watches and records everything that comes your way. There's a possibility that you may miss seeing something while driving, but the DashCam - nope!

The Third Eye of Situational Awareness

Rand McNally DashCam dashboard cameras are not just simple cameras to capture your trip and view later. They are the third eye of the driver that helps to ensure your safety on the trip. Advanced Rand McNally cameras, like the DashCam 500, provide lane departure and collision warnings, apart from recording super HD vibrant videos of your tours. Its G-sensor technology automatically saves the video in the event of a collision with location and speed tagging and GPS data. To raise your situational awareness, it keeps a keen watch on the road. In case you are approaching the vehicle ahead too fast, it will send out a warning. Similarly, when you drift away from your current lane, it will alert you

Recording your Trucking Adventures in High Quality

Do you still need reasons to buy a Rand McNally DashCam? A Rand McNally DashCam has a wide-angle lens that captures the entire road while you drive, and a higher frame rate to record crispy-clear and smooth videos. They have super HD cameras that shoot sharp and vibrant pictures and videos of the complete drive - day or night. With the auto night-mode, you won't need to worry about manual adjustments. Night strikes, and the camera goes night mode. Moreover, a Time Lapse feature creates a creative keepsake of your recording that you can watch any time. Hence, it helps you make memories while also adding to your safety. So, we are sure, you won't regret buying one!