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Magellan off-road GPS navigators offer everything you need to navigate confidently on all your off-roading adventures. They come with preloaded base maps in high-resolution, delivering turn-by-turn navigation to the destinations. These advanced off-road GPS devices also provide a database of millions of Points of Interest. It ensures an efficient travel time, with less time searching for places, like fuel stations, restaurants, on the road while driving. Magellan Off-road GPS provides intuitive navigation for all your street and trail routes in 5-inch and 7-inch easy-to-read touchscreen displays. Check out the category to buy Magellan off-road GPS navigation systems for your off-roading adventures.

The only GPS navigation Off-roaders need!

From seasoned off-roaders to nature-loving families, Magellan Off-road GPS equips features to make navigation efficient for all. These adventure-ready navigators provide an intuitive user-interface to employ their simple, turn-by-turn navigation on the trails or the streets without any huddle. Plan your route, mark waypoints, and get ready to roll on your adventure! You can also save the tracks for instant navigation next time and even share the off-roading ventures with your friends on social media. Magellan off-road GPS navigators also notify you if you went off track during the adventure.

Being adventure-ready

Magellan off-roading GPS devices come with high-resolution topographic maps along with 3D basemaps to help you understand the route better. Wasting no time, these best off-road GPS navigations system's advanced trail searching brings the list of the best off-roading trails for you. They also help you search POIs on the way so that you can plan a fool-proof adventure. Magellan off-roading GPS also comes with built-in WiFi to connect to the network and update the devices as well as the maps. They also provide built-in cameras with features like auto-start recording to capture your adventures. Thus, these advanced devices are always adventure-ready even if you make up your mind all of a sudden.