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Philips Sonicare DailyClean electric toothbrushes come infused with advanced sonic technology that results in exceptional, deep cleaning. They have densely packed, high-quality bristles that remove up to three times more plaque than your manual toothbrush. With QuadPacers, the electric toothbrushes ensure you brush for the recommended two minutes. When you buy Sonicare DailyClean electric toothbrush, its easy-start program lets you get used to the brushing with a gradual and steady increase in power. Check out the category to shop for these advanced Sonicare DailyClean electric toothbrushes online right now.

Moving towards an advanced oral-care routine

With the easy-start program, Sonicare DailyClean makes the transition to the new electric toothbrush simple. For the first 14 times that you use the DailyClean electric toothbrush, it will gradually increase the brushing power. The gentle steps will get you used to your new electric toothbrush and help you have convenient and effective oral care. Sonicare DailyClean electric toothbrushes have a long-lasting battery that keeps them ready for use every day without needing to charge daily.

Clinically proven superior cleaning

Sonicare DailyClean electric toothbrushes have densely packed, high-quality bristles contoured to fit the shape of your teeth. It also comes with Sonicare's advanced sonic technology. This technology pulses water between your teeth as the bristles break down the plaque stroke by stroke and sweep it away. The sonic technology and the densely packed, contoured bristles both clean even the hard-to-reach areas, cleaning plaque up to 3 times better than a manual brush. It also keeps your gum health maintained, helping you in thorough oral care.