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Just like its advanced electric toothbrushes, Oral-B manufactures some of the best manual toothbrushes too. Oral-B Clic manual toothbrush is a combination of the next-gen cleaning performance fused in a distinctive design. They use next-gen CrissCross and X-filament technologies to provide the bristles a better reach between your teeth. The Oral-B Clic manual toothbrushes come with replaceable brush heads. They also come with magnetic brush holders to store your brushes in the bathroom hygienically. Check out our exclusive category, where you can buy Oral-B Clic manual toothbrushes online right now.

A remarkable cleaning performance

Oral-B Clic manual toothbrushes come with patented dentist-inspired technologies that help them deliver effective dental cleaning. These brush heads have high-tech filaments infused with X-filament technology. They combine with CrissCross technology to provide exceptional plaque removal. The perfectly angled bristles and the CrissCross technology combine to give an outstanding reach and superior cleaning coverage per stroke. The Clic removable brush heads attach to the brush handle using a high precision ClicFit mechanism.

A comfortable brushing experience

Its distinctive iconic design makes the Oral-B Clic a beauty that helps you have an efficient brushing routine. Clic's replaceable brush heads personalize your brushing time, letting you choose any combination of handles and heads that you like. Not just that, this ability also lets you replace your brush head from time to time to continue enjoying the efficient brushing and plaque removal. Oral-B Clic's long-lasting premium handle is easy and convenient to use. Therefore, the removable brush heads are not the only factor contributing to user comfort. The Oral-B Clic manual toothbrushes promise both remarkable cleaning performance and a comfortable brushing experience.