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The PetSafe Daily Care range category on our site features products that enhance your pets overall wellness. Petsafe pet wellness products include pet beds, Petsafe self cleaning litter boxes, automatic feeders, agility equipment and more. Find a product that will keep both you and your pet happy and healthy.

Daily Care Products

The PetSafe wellness pet beds will keep your pet warm, cozy all year round. For those extra cold nights, the heated wellness sleeper model offer warmth as well as gentle heat therapy. The safe, low-level therapeutic heat unwinds stiff joints and relieves sore muscles. PetSafe self cleaning litter boxes eliminate the stress of keeping your cats litter box clean during the busy work week.

The Simply Clean litter box model reduces odor-causing bacteria by continuously removing waste from the litter bowl via conveyor system. As the litter bowl slowly rotates at a rate of one rotation per hour, the waste is discarded into a built-in receptacle 24 hours a day. Our site also carries automatic feeders that serve your pet food in preset intervals and quantities. Make sure to check out the great selection of dog agility pet training equipment product as well. These agility tools are perfect for playing in the park or training your pet for competition.