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Rinses and mouthwashes help you take care of your mouth, eliminating bacteria and bad odor or breath. Philips Sonicare BreathRx produces some of the best rinses and mouthwashes to add to our daily oral-care routine. Harmful bacteria between our teeth and the papillae of the tongue can cause bad breath, which is also a cause of embarrassment. To fight this odor and keep your mouth free of any other dental issues, we must add rinsing to our daily oral-care routine.

Alcohol-free breath care system

Alcohol, in most mouthwashes, can dry out your mouth and will well never help eliminate the problem of bad breath. On the other hand, it will only aggravate it. BreathRx mouthwashes and rinses are completely alcohol-free and kill the bacteria right at the source while also removing the oral malodor. It contains a proprietary alcohol-free blend of antibacterial cetylpyridinium chloride and Zytex, both of which contribute to deep cleaning. Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth while also fighting plaque and gingivitis. The other component, Zytex, is a unique combination of zinc and essential oils that neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds.

A more refreshing experience

Sonicare BreathRx rinses and mouthwashes kill up to 99% of germs that cause oral malodor. Moreover, using the mouthwashes with Sonicare AirFloss doubles the efficiency of your daily oral care routine. The flosser helps the mouthwash reach more areas between the teeth, providing a deep clean. Therefore, it ensures a refreshing experience, leaving your mouth feeling fresh, healthy, and hygienic. Check out the category to buy Sonicare BreathRx Mouthwashes and Rinses and lock in this refreshing experience forever.